CPC30211 Certificate III In Carpentry

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CPC30211 Certificate III In Carpentry

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CPC30211 Certificate III in Carpentry  

ComSec Training provides numerous skills assessment services for trade occupations to get home building licences.

We can test anybody who can prove they have current trade level skills due to having worked in the industry. Training is aimed at helping tradesmen to get their skills recognised so they can get the formal Trade Qualification. You can get this qualification quite easily.

For the purposes of licencingcarpentry is the cutting and placing of timber or timber composites, in construction work on-site to erect framing and fix components or assemblies used in construction work such as stairs, windows, doors, wallboards (excluding plaster boards which is dry plastering), floors, etc. It includes metal frame erection and constructing formwork ready for concreting.

Work that comes under the banner of carpentry includes but isn’t limited to the following list of items:

  • Minor non-structural concreting related to a dwelling where it’s connected to carpentry. Concreting for footings & structural supports involved in outdoor construction (e.g. timber decks, pergolas, timber and metal fencing, etc.) (Doesn’t include concrete slabs and paths, etc. because they’re general concreting work.).
  • Curtain walling.
  • Skylights.
  • Internal timber cladding of walls and ceilings.
  • Exterior wall cladding (but not brick or masonry).
  • Work related to flooring.
  • Non-habitable outdoor shelters/structures, excluding brick/masonry, such as pergolas and gazebos, etc. (Doesn’t involve sheds, garages or carports.)
  • Awnings.
  • Timber retaining walls not needing approval under the Local Government Act 1993. (Retaining walls that need approval are regarded as structural landscaping under the Home Building Act 1989).

Booking Requirements.

  • Copy of 100 points of ID. (Driver's Licence or Passport, Credit card, Medicare card, etc.)
  • Copy of Work Cover OHS White Card.
  • Work and education resume.
  • 50+ work photos on-site.
  • 2 or 3 references from tradesmen such as a builder or carpenter. 


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