CPC30313 Certificate III In Concreting

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CPC30313 Certificate III In Concreting

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Comsec Training provide a wide range of skills assessment service which specialises in assessments in trade occupations for the purpose of home building licensing.

We can assess anyone who have been working in the building and construction industry and can demonstrate the necessary skills at a trade level Training specialises in providing assessment and training services to help existing workers in the trade to have their skills assessed and recognised to achieve a formal Trade Qualifications. It’s easier than you think to get your nationally recognised Trade Certificate.

General concreting

For licensing purposes, the class of general concreting covers the work involved in carrying out:

  • the laying/placement of concrete
  • excavation work required as preparation for the laying/placement of concrete (excavation work by a general concreter does not cover extensive site preparation requiring shoring of excavations or where the structural stability of an adjacent site or structure may be compromised; in such situations the services of a licensed excavator or builder should be engaged)
  • formwork erection (also able to be performed by the holder of the class of carpentry), reinforcement fixing and concreting work associated with the erection of a dwelling or associated with the erection of a garage, an outbuilding, a swimming pool or another structure constructed or to be constructed for use in conjunction with any such dwelling
  • stencilling of concrete
  • stamped pattern concrete
  • exposed aggregate work or pebblecreting or similar work
  • repair of concrete work
  • concrete resurfacing
  • concrete retaining walls not requiring approval under the Local Government Act 1993 (retaining walls requiring such approval are considered to be structural landscaping for the purposes of the Home Building Act 1989).

Booking Requirements

1. Copy of 100 points (Driver's Licence/ Passport, Medicare, Bankcard, etc).

2. Copy of work Cover OHS White Card.

3. Resume of Education background and work history.

4. 50+ on site work photos.

5. 2 to 3 References from Industry professional. (e.g. Licenced Carpenter, Licenced Builder, etc)



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