CPC31011 Certificate III In Solid Plastering

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CPC31011 Certificate III In Solid Plastering

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For licensing purposes, wet plastering means the application of a mixture of lime, cement or gypsum plaster and/or sand and water (or other materials to achieve a similar result) for the covering of internal or external walls and ceilings. Wet plaster is applied whilst wet/plastic, generally by trowel, and dries and hardens after application.

Wet plastering can also be commonly referred to as solid plastering.

It can be applied in various situations including, but not limited to brick, stone and concrete surfaces or to existing sheet/board linings.


(1) Completion of CPC31011 Certificate III in Solid Plastering


(2) Completion of any of the following qualifications:

  • CPC31008 Certificate III in Solid Plastering
  • BCG31003 Certificate III in Solid Plastering
  • BCG30398 Certificate III in General Construction (Solid Plastering), TAFE course #8065
  • Qualification 11762 Certificate III in Plastering, Solid, Trade TAFE course #2154
  • Certificate III in Solid Plastering, Trade TAFE course #0114.

Previous licence holders

If you have ever held a licence in the prescribed classes (Home Building Regulation 2004, clause 46, excluding subsection (1)(a)) and you apply for a new licence, your previous licence will be accepted in lieu of the current qualification requirements.


Booking Requirements

1. Copy of 100 points (Driver's Licence/ Passport, Medicare, Bankcard, etc).

2. Copy of work Cover OHS White Card.

3. Resume of Education background and work history.

4. 50+ on site work photos.

5. 2 to 3 References from Industry professional. (e.g. Licenced Carpenter, Licenced Builder, etc)


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