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EWP Yellow Card Training Sydney
Price: $250.00

EWP / Yellow card Training Sydney

This competency unit of competency covers the skills needed to operate an EWP to meet WHS and industry standards for certification.

The scope of training is to show competence in operating principles and methods, EWPprocedures and processes, communication in the workplace, responsible safe environmental practices, the limitations and scope of equipment, load specifications, designs and functions of various EWP’s, pre & post safety checks and maintenance, getting licenses and work permits, etc.

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If you are looking  to book EWP yellow card training with Scissor lift, boom lift and Vertical lift - please click the link below


Target Audience

Workers entering, or in the, industry who have to work at heights under 11 meters.

  1. Scissor Lift
  2. Boom Lift
  3. Vertical Lift

EWP Yellow Card Training Requirements

Participants have to put together a portfolio of evidence to bring to the session. Their evidence will be validated and participants will do a written challenge test.
Trainees must provide their own work clothes and safety boots.

Course Outcomes

Candidates will be trained in the following:

  • Hazard Identification and ways to respond.
  • Methods of nonverbal communication.
  • Understanding and obeying instructions.
  • Appropriate choice and use of controls & features.

Settings and operational techniques for the weather conditions, specific terrain and settings, day or night without causing damage to equipment, machinery, load, property, person, property or environment (including property structures and soils).

EWP Yellow Card Training - Entry Requirements

Sufficient literacy, numeracy and English skills to be able to write well, handle calculations and be understood by others. To be strong and flexible enough to do general maintenance and safety checks, set up, operate and take apart the EWP as needed.

Booking needs: 100 points of identification.

Duration: 6 hours

Running on: Flexible.

Course details are as following :
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