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Fire Warden Training Sydney
Price: $300.00  $250.00

Fire Warden Training Sydney
This course has been designed to cover all the areas of theoretical training that is required to execute the roles and responsibilities of Fire Wardens.
The Fire Warden training  is delivered through a series of interactive activities and videos and there are regular assessments as the course progresses to ensure that the student has thoroughly understood what has been presented to them at each stage of the course.
The Fire Warden Training  has been produced in line with Australian Standard 3745 - 2010 - Planning for emergencies in facilities
This fire warden training course is suitable for companies and organisations that require selected members of staff to be trained as workplace fire wardens, and will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage building emergencies. Participants will learn how to respond to a fire or other incident, raise the alarm, evacuate building occupants, identify themselves as fire wardens and how to assist with post-incident procedures. 
During this Fire Warden Training, employees will learn about:
  • How to identify and report emergencies and hazards.
  • How the emergency control organisation is structured.
  • How to respond to emergency warnings.
  • How to prevent and prepare for possible emergencies.
  • How to spot hazards and what to do to control them.
  • Preventing the emergencies by tracking the frequency of the fire risk control measures. 
  • Assisting all the individuals in an organisation when an emergency occurs, including people with special needs, for instance, a person in the wheelchair and with a hearing problem
Price: $300 Each.
Requirements: Australian Photo ID or Passport.

Duration: 4 hours.

Running On: By appointment.

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