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About Us

ComSec is a well-known provider of a diverse range of training programs designed to help people get better qualified to help them secure better jobs. Based in Lidcombe, and servicing the western area of Sydney, ComSec has good working relationships with more than 200 different job search agencies and has been working in this field for more than 20 years.

ComSec’s friendly, experienced instructors help deliver a wide range of courses to everybody who needs the experience on offer. The courses include forklift training, confined space training, welding courses and traffic control courses, just to name a few.

ComSec appreciates the needs of foreign language candidates and has translated course material into: Korean, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese languages to help even more people become qualified in the various courses. There are also translators on hand who are fluent in each of these languages. This is so that the courses can be delivered professionally and that every person participating in any course can do so with the same thoroughness as the English classes.

ComSec courses are scheduled seven days per week to enable people with family and work commitments to still participate and become qualified.

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ComSec Training is a well-known, well-supported provider of training services covering the greater western region of Sydney.

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