Asbestos Removal Course

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Asbestos Removal Course
Price: $500.00  $500.00

$600 for Chinese
Upon successful completion of this course , you may perform asbestos removal or related work for enterprises that hold a Class Aor B Asbestos Removal.

To obtain your won asbestos removal license, you need to complete relevant qualifications Class B and /Class A plus at least one supervisor per application.

For removal and assessor licences you should make further enquires theough the relevant state/territory WHS or OHS authority.

Asbestos Removal training is required for the safe removal of asbestos and asbestos -containing materials(ACMs). If your job duties involve exposure to asbestos or the need to remove it, you may need to complete a nationally recognised training course.

Asbestos was officially banned in Australia in 2003, but many houses and buildings constructed before the 1990s contain asbestos. Asbestos is often found in floor coverings and behind walls and floor tiles. 

Exposure to asbetos fibres can lead to a variety of health risks, including lung cancer and mesothelioma. 

Training Courses teach an asbestos specialist how to detect, isolate, and remove asbestos with minimal exposure to potentially harmful fibres. 

Explore the asbestos removal courses from Comsec Sydney Training to meet your workplace health and safety requirements. 

Before enrolling in an asbestos removal course, workers may need to complete other units of competency. 

Class B removalists must complete the CPCCWHS1001A work safely in the construction industy( white card training) course before enrolling in the asbestos removal training. 

The CPCCDE3014A (remove non-friable asbestos) course is also a prerequisite for completing the CPCCDE3015A Class A course, along with white card training. 

If you completed white card training more than two years ago, you may need to take refresher training.

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