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TLILIC0003 - Licence To Operate A Forklift Truck

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TLILIC0003 - Licence To Operate A Forklift Truck
Price: $500.00

TLILIC0003Licence to operate a forklift truck training Course Description

TLILIC0003Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck Training Sydney specifies the outcomes needed to operate a powered industrial truck equipped with a mast and an elevating load carriage to which is attached a pair of fork arms or other attachment, for licensing purposes

The training requires the operator to have the ability to plan the work, carry out basic forklift checks, shift loads in a safe manner and close down and secure equipment once the job is finished. This course is a great way to get a cheap forklift licence that still has national recognition.

This training course is based on the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work and it satisfies territory and state licensing requirements. Any changes will create a unit which is unacceptable to regulators for the purpose of licensing.

TLILIC0003Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck Training Course Content

Candidates will be trained in the following:

  • Components, controls and features of forklifts and their functions.
  • Legal licensing requirements.
  • Operating principles and methods.
  • Load shifting processes and procedures including work platforms.
  • Guidelines of the safe removal of hazards and obstacles from a workplace.
  • The hazard control measures with elimination, substitution, isolation and engineering control measures being selected before safe work practices and personal protective equipment.
  • Communication guidelines in the workplace.
  • Get permits and licences e.g. if forklift needs to be driven on a public road.
  • Demonstrate safe and environmentally responsible workplace practices.
  • Electrical hazards.
  • Load masses.

TLILIC0003Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck Training Course Outcomes

Trainees will gain the skills and knowledge to:

  • Operate a forklift in an industrial environment.
  • Complete the above operational tasks.

TLILIC0003Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck Training Course Requirements

Required knowledge:

Methods of determining the weight of a load:

  • Commonwealth, state or territory OH&S legislation, standards that apply to safe forklift truck operations.
  • Understanding of forklift capabilities and characteristics (including the use of load data plates).
  • Understanding the hierarchy of hazard identification and control.
  • Organisation and workplace standards, requirements, policies & procedures for running operations for the crane class.
  • Procedures for recording, reporting and maintenance of workplace information and records.
  • Forklift truck operations and safe operating techniques.
  • Typical routine problems encountered during crane operation and equipment and adjustments needed for correction.

TLILIC0003Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck Training Course - Entry Requirements

Sufficient literacy, numeracy and English skills to write legibly, handle basic calculations and be understood. Be strong and dextrous enough to carry out basic maintenance and safety checks and operate a forklift truck as required.

How to enrol for your forklift licence:
Enrol Online OR Phone 1300 851 581/ (02) 96435911 to make a booking.

Pre-requisites for your forklift training course Sydney:
You must bring in 100 points of identification as proof of identity on the day of training with appropriate documentation as per the form and a USI NO (WWW.USI.GOV.AU).

Booking Requirement
Bookings must be placed a minimum of 5 - 7 days before the start of the course. Must bring current Photo Identification.

Running On: By appointment.

Course details are as following :
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